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The table below is prepared in date order and represents a snapshot of the overall tree structure. From your chosen start point, you can work up or down the generations as desired.

The tree shows family members who have a direct link from 1410 to the present day.  Names in this index in YELLOW are branches of the Dumbreck family who we have, as yet, been unable to link to John Dumbreck, Baron of Barmuckity.

At the last update there are now 299 Dumbreck Family pages to surf through.

John Dumbreck of Barmuckity is the earliest family member (c.1400) to have an unbroken link to the present day.

Name Date of Birth Occupation
John Dumbreck
Baron of Barmuckity
1410 Baron of Barmuckity
John of Orton 1511 Landowner
William of Orton 1518 Landowner
Walter Dumbreck 1565 Landowner
William Dumbreck c.1711 Linlithgow Gardener in Craigtown, Aberdeen
John Dumbreck 23 May 1736 Vintner and Burgess
William Dumbreck 1763 Hotel Keeper and Burgess
William Dumbreck 1789 Royal Navy
John Dumbreck Circa 1796 Spirit Merchant
William Dumbreck 1819 Cabinet & Model Maker
William Dumbreck 1844 Tailor
Jean Fulton Dumbreck

8th August 1887

John Craig Dumbreck 14th July 1923 Academic
Charles A Dumbreck 2nd March 1914 Salesman
Roderick Dumbreck 21st August 1947 Managing Director
Roderick William Dumbreck 21st August 1957 Farmer

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