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William Dumbreck, born about 1711, and appeared in Aberdeen in 1757. On 25th August 1757, he was described as ‘gardener in Craigtown’. It is considered that this "Craigtown" is now known as Craigton and is close to Dundee, in Fife. William married Mary Anderson of Linlithgow and became the progenitor of the more numerous Linlithgow branch of the family, which was represented in that town until the death of James Dumbreck in 2004 who was the last of the family line living in Linlithgow.  There are still family descendants living in Australia and other parts of Scotland.

William married twice, firstly to Mary Anderson on the 9th November 1736 at Abercorn, Linlithgow and they had 7 children.

Marion Dumbreck born 25th August 1737

Jean Dumbreck born 25th February 1742

Margaret Dumbreck born 8th September 1744

William Dumbreck born 10th June 1746

Mary Dumbreck born 11th August 1748

William Dumbreck born 8th August 1750 continued the family.

Alexander Dumbreck born 23rd December 1753 also continued the family line.

We believe Mary Anderson died about 1754, as William married secondly to Marion White on the 9th November 1756 in Linlithgow. They had a further 6 children, however we have no information to date that indicates any survived to continue this family line.

The children born to William and Marion were:-

Janet Dumbreck born 2nd July 1757

Margaret Dumbreck born 14th March 1759

John Dumbreck born 25th November 1760

David Dumbreck born 9th May 1764

Katherine B. Dumbreck born 21st May 1769 

Kathrine Dumbreck born 1771