Alexander 1753
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Alexander Dumbreck born 23rd December 1753 Linlithgow, married Dortha Brown on the 18th August 1777 in Linlithgow. They had seven children and Alexander born 20th September 1789 continued the family line.

Children of Alex and Dortha

Elizabeth Dumbreck born 19th April 1778 died 1st March 1801 - no further details.
Mary Dumbreck born 23rd August 1779  - no further details.
James Dumbreck born 11th July 1781  - no further details.
Dortha Dumbreck born 9th April 1786  - no further details.
Marion Dumbreck born 16th December 1787 married John Anderson 5th June 1810 Linlithgow - no further details.
Alexander Dumbreck born 20th September 1789 - see link for details.
William Dumbreck born 8th March 1796 - no further details.