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Alexander Dumbreck was born  20th September 1789 and married Marion Caldwell on the 22nd November 1812 in Linlithgow.

They had 10 children:- 

John Dumbreck born 30th July - 1813 married Jane Anderson. They had 3 children,
    Elizabeth Dumbreck born about 1844 - married James Crocket - had issue but children died young.
    Janet Dumbreck born 1848 - no further details.
    James Dumbreck born 1853 married Margaret Wight - had 3 children, 2 died young - one daughter,
    Ann Dumbreck survived - who married and died 1957 - no further details.

Alexander Dumbreck born 11th March 1815 - married Elizabeth Copeland.

William Dumbreck born 24th February 1817 - no further details.

Marion Dumbreck born 14th March 1819 - married James Flint. They had 3 daughters who all died young.

James Caldwell Dumbreck born 8th April 1821 - married Lillias Duncan.

Margaret Dumbreck born 26th October 1823 - no further details.

Helen Dumbreck born 13th June 1826 - no further details.

Mary Dumbreck born 8th August 1827 - married Archibald Sheilds - see note below.

George Dumbreck born 7th April 1830 - no further details.

Margaret Dumbreck born 9th April 1837 - no further details.

James Caldwell Dumbreck 1821 continued the family line in Britain and Alexander Dumbreck b 1815 was the Grandfather of our American branch of the Dumbreck family.

Mary Dumbreck born 8th August 1827 married Archibald Sheilds in Linlithgow on the 18th April 1852. They had two daughters, Christina Sheilds and Mary Sheilds both born about 1854.

Mary Sheilds married her first cousin Duncan Robert Dumbreck on the 4th September 1891.