James C. Dumbreck
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James Caldwell Dumbreck was born 8th April 1821 in Linlithgow. He married Lillias Duncan on the 18th April 1847 and they had 11 children.

Children of James and Lillias:-

Alexander Dumbreck born 24th May 1848 - see page for details.

James Dumbreck born 1852- see page for details.

Duncan Robert Dumbreck born 20th September 1855 - see page for details.

Lillias Duncan Dumbreck born 26th October 1857 married Charles Edward Nathaniel on the 13th July 1877 - see page for details.

Mary Dumbreck born 4th February 1860 married Robert Marshall - they had 6 children who all died young. - see page for photo of Mary and names of their children.

John Dumbreck born 3rd February 1862 died 1882 in Linlithgow.

Jane Dumbreck born 1st October 1864 married Robert Allan and had 7 children.

Pipe Major William Millar Nicholson Duncan Dumbreck born 28th December 1866 - see page for details.

David Dumbreck born 3rd May 1869 and died 1871.

Janet Dumbreck born 30th May 1872 married John Heeps - no further details.

Margaret Sarah Ann Dumbreck born 19th July 1875 also married into the Heeps family - no further details at present.