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Duncan Robert Dumbreck known as Robert (Bob) was born 20th September 1855 in Linlithgow.  He married Margaret Hill on the 1st June 1877 and they had 2 children,  James Dumbreck and Margaret Nicol Dumbreck.  Margaret Nicol Dumbreck went to America to work, where she had a son, Robert Duncan Dumbreck born 30th January 1913. He died in April 1978 and his last known address was Franklin MA, USA.

Margaret Dumbreck (ms Hill) died 7th October 1886 aged only 30 from Retro peritonitis, and Robert took a housekeeper Mary Sheilds who was his first cousin. They married on the 4th September 1891 and had no issue, however Mary was step mother to Roberts children by is first wife Margaret. Duncan Robert (Bob) died 2nd April 1936 and his obituary is as follows:-

There was buried on Saturday at Linlithgow one of the best known and pawkiest** men in the village - Mr. Robert Dumbreck. In the days when the county town was famous for boots and shoes, 'Bob' was taught his trade there and when the oil works at Champfleurie were a going concern, he shifted his place of business to Kingseavil. When the oil works went into liquidation, he continued to ply his trade at Winchburgh. In his youth, he joined the famous Militia, and did his six weeks' training annually. He was an ardent Volunteer, and was often to be seen at the targets at Hilty, Linlithgow. A keen church-man, he was the 'father' of the session of South Abercorn Church. He was the last of three brothers who died within recent years, and all of whom were interested in the Volunteer movement. He is survived by his wife.
** Pawky:- '' Humorous; dry and satiric in tone ''

James Dumbreck born 13th April 1878 continues the line in the UK and Margaret Nicol Dumbreck born 6th August 1882 - her son Robert Duncan Dumbreck born 1913 continues the family in the USA.