John Craig 1923
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The only son of James Craig Dumbreck, John Craig Dumbreck, was born 14th July 1923, is a graduate of Glasgow University, and was in the Russian Department of Manchester University.  John retired in 1983 and lives in Cheshire England. He still keeps a great interest in academic life.

Christmas 2001, John sent in a card in which he tells an interesting story:-


"You see me here on a sunny day in Derbyshire at the outer terminus of the scenic hillside track at the National Tramway Museum.

This tram and I are the same age, reached the "end of the line", have been renovated and are still active !  It is an old acquaintance and reminds me of my Glasgow childhood, when we lived near the University, the terminus of the "white caurs" which used to run from there through the city centre to the leafy suburb of Dumbreck with its large Victorian mansions and the site of an erstwhile Priory.

Several types of Glasgow's fleet of 1200 trams (which ran on 270 miles of track) are preserved at the National Museum.  The last tram in Glasgow ran in 1962 and by 1964, Glasgow trams were running on the Museum's track.

I have particularly fond memories of Route 14 -- 23 miles long, maximum fare 2 1/2d. (=1penny).  Glasgow trams used to be fined for exceeding the 30mph speed limit."