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William Dumbreck born 1844 Lanark, was a tailor by trade. On the 27th April 1866 he married Janet Fulton in Glasgow.  Janet was born 11th December 1841 in Eaglesham.  They had 8 children:-

William Dumbreck born 14th August 1867; died 9th March 1868.

Hugh Fulton Dumbreck born 20th February 1869 - married Eleanor Kildare and had 5 children.

Elizabeth Stewart Dumbreck born 19th April 1871; died 28th February 1873.

Catherine Fulton Dumbreck born 2nd January 1874; died 27th January 1875.

John Dumbreck born 7th December 1875 - married 1 - Florence Lyon Walker, 2 - Sarah Evans.

Janet Dumbreck born 13th March 1878; died in 1929 - no further details.

William Maxwell Dumbreck born 19th September 1880; died 28th December 1884.

Jean Fulton Dumbreck born 8th August 1887 - married Charles August Schmidt.

Their children  Jean Fulton Dumbreck,  John Dumbreck and Hugh Fulton Dumbreck continue the Dumbreck family name.