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Charles Dumbreck born 11th July 1766  at Edinburgh Parish married Mary Cromar. They had 7 children listed above.

John Dumbreck born 1823 continues the family name. No other details on the other siblings except Christina.

Christina Dumbreck born 31st March 1812 married Thomas Robertson in Walls, Shetland, and had one son Charles Dumbreck Robertson born 6th March 1839. Christina died in Shetland 9th March 1839.

Christina's husband Thomas Robertson 1796-1873

Part of a letter from Reuben Robertson to Mrs. J A Dumbreck Edinburgh.

This past weekend I went to Asheville, North Carolina, where my
Robertson grandparents lived, and searched through some ancient family
memorabilia and scrapbooks kept by my cousin there. In that search we
found a letter dated 11 September 1916 from great-grandfather Charles to
his daughter-in-law Hope Thomson Robertson, passing on what he
remembered of his Dumbreck roots:

Text of Charles Dumbreck Robertson's letter:-

" My mother died three days after my birth. My father made her acquaintance in Shetland, where she was visiting at the Rectory of an Episcopal Church ministry. Her home was then in or near Edinburgh. She had a sister who visited her in Shetland after her marriage. -- The Town of 'Dumbreck' near Edinburgh I was told was named after my mother's father; all I ever heard of my mother's family came to me through my step-mother. My mother's family or ancestors were said to have been among those followers and admirers of 'Mary' and migrated with her from France to Scotland.

"About 20 years ago I tried to track the Dumbreck family and found one who was a barrister in Edinburgh and one lady who was a cousin of mine -- my mother's sister's daughter; she was a teacher in Edinburgh. She painted for me a very pretty picture of what she called 'Lover's Lane', but it got ruined in the transit to America and about a month ago, I got, sent to me from New Zealand, a clipping showing her death in Edinburgh. I got the impression that the family had been influential and highly regarded. That's about all I know of my ancestry on my mother's side -- not much is it?"

The Wife of Charles Dumbreck Robertson
Cynthia Ann Buck 1836 - 1923


E-Mail address available for Victoria Robertson, contact webmaster for details ---

Judge Charles Dumbreck Robertson
6th March 1839 - 28th August 1919

Charles Dumbreck Robertson died in his sleep on the night of August 28, 1919. Distinguished leaders of the bench and bar wrote of him, "It may safely be said that Judge Robertson had no enemy. He never spoke unkindly to anyone. His sunny, genial disposition; his guileless frankness, ready humour and warm heart; his deep sense of justice, personal honour and courage; his thoughtful consideration for others; his clear sense, ability and habits or industry gave him a life of happiness, usefulness and distinction. ... He never denied any man his due, and he left to those he loved the priceless heritage of an untarnished name."