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Thomas Dumbreck (Dunbrack) was born 17th Oct 1731 and married Margaret Baillie.

Another early date and name of interest is that of the marriage in Halifax of Charles Dunbrack, merchant, of Demerara, British Guiana, and Margaret Story of Halifax on Oct. 23, 1800. To them were born eight children in Halifax. There was a report in the Newspaper "Arcadian Recorder" of the marriage in Halifax on 9 May 1815 of Thomas Dunbrack, Jr. of Demerara and Mary Wier of Halifax. The following year there was the report of a marriage in Demerara of Catherine Dunbrack, and then in 1820 a report in the "Halifax Journal:

Died 8 July 1820 at Demerara --Thomas Dunbrack, Sr., an old and respectable resident there.

With further newspaper items it becomes apparent that there was a definite connection between Demerara and Halifax. Thomas Sr. of Demerara was a brother of James who died in Halifax in 1776. Charles of Demerara who married and had a family in Halifax was son of Thomas Sr. and a cousin of John Dunbrack who married and lived in Halifax for a period of time before going to Musquodoboit and becoming one of the first settlers there. A relationship is borne out by the fact that a Charles Dunbrack was a witness to John's will; that John's funeral was held at the home of Charles Dunbrack, was buried in the same lot with John at St. Paul's Cemetery; and a Charles Dunbrack signed the Marriage Bond when John was married a second time to widow Sarah Bacon in Halifax, the sister of Catherine/Katherine MacDougal his first wife.

James (1767) was the only son to remain in Scotland and his line can be followed to the next generation.