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Mary Dumbreck was born on the 26th December 1846 at West Port, Lanark  She married James Gibson on the 13th December 1867 at St Nicholas Presbyterian Church, Lanark.

In 1879 the Gibson family emigrated to New Zealand on board S.S. Westland. The trip took 80 days. Named after the province of Westland N.Z. the S.S. Westland was built in Port Glasgow and completed in October 1878, classed 100 A1 by Lloyd's Register. She was an iron-hulled ship-rigged vessel of a type known as a Clipper Ship.  Fitted with three heavy wooden masts, each well over 100 feet high.  Having no stabilizers, clippers were noted rollers under certain weather conditions.


S.S. Westland at anchor in Port Chalmers N.Z. 1879

James and Mary (Dumbreck) Gibson had four children born in Forth parish of Carnwath, Adam, Mary, Catherine and Margaret. (Their last son James was born in New Zealand). The family sailed from the Clyde 29th January 1879 on the maiden voyage of the Westland, they were nominated from Lanark, as assisted emigrants to New Zealand.


James Gibson and Mary Gibson (ms Dumbreck)
With thanks to Cynthia Gibson  New Zealand
(Mary's Great Grand Daughter)

Mary died on the 22nd July 1923 in Westport New Zealand, aged 77 years
and was buried on the 25th July 1923 at Orowaiti Cemetery, Westport.

Their sons,  Adam Gibson born 9th August 1868 in Scotland and James Gibson born New Zealand, 25th July 1882, continued the Gibson family line which is still represented in New Zealand to this day.

Details of their children:- (further details on this family line can be obtained by contacting Bev Dey at:

Adam Gibson born 9th August 1868 married Elizabeth Harris. They had 7 children and 1 adopted (Bert Gibson).
(Ethel, James, Myrtle, Roy, John, Basil, Ken, Bert.)

Mary Stevenson Gibson born 8th August 1870 married Ernest White.
They had 4 children. (Charlotte, Maude, Ernest, James.)

Catherine Gibson born 10th September 1873 married Robert Sneddon. They had 5 children.
(John, Mary, Robert, James, Thomas.)

Margaret Stevenson Gibson born about 1878 married John Levy. They had 2 children.
(Cyril and Ellen.)

James Gibson born New Zealand 25th July 1882 married Margaret \\
They had 2 children. (Phoebe, Reginald.)

On the 6th January 2001 ''The Roy Gibson Family Reunion''  was held in New Zealand which 79 people attended, some came from various parts of New Zealand, Australia and England, only 2 couldn't make it!  Celebrations included, Dan Gibson's 53rd birthday and Cynthia Gibson's grandson (Austin) 15th birthday.

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