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John Dumbreck was born 28th December 1825 at Cumbernauld, Dunbarton and married Mary Wilson on the 7th December 1845 at Lanark. They had 7 children. John died in 1899 at 29 Westport, Lanark aged 74.

Children of John and Mary Dumbreck

Mary Dumbreck their eldest was born 26th December 1846 and married James Gibson - see page for details and photo.

John Wilson Dumbreck born 18th November 1848 married Catherine Brown on the 30th December 1870 - see page for details.

Margaret Stevenson Dumbreck born 14th May 1853 died in 1919 aged 63 in Lanark Poor House.

David Wilson Dumbreck born 26th March 1857 and died in 1865 at Lanark aged 8.

Lindsay Dumbreck born 23rd August 1860 and died 1863 Lanark aged 3.

William Wilson Dumbreck born 3rd October 1863 and died in 1865 Lanark aged 2.

Janet Wilson Dumbreck born 15th April 1869 married John Donnachie on the 27th August 1897. They had 2 children,  Mathew born 1st March 1898 and Mary Wilson Donnachie born 24th May 1900.

Apart from Mary Dumbreck who emigrated to New Zealand with her husband James Gibson and four children, John Wilson Dumbreck was the only family member to continue the family name of Dumbreck to the present day.