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Jonathan McKell Bowler

Jonathan was born in 1881 in Falkirk and he married Jean MacKay Finlayson.

Jonathan served in the Indian Army.

They had 8 children.

John Finlayson Bowler born 1st July1905

Malcolm Finlayson Bowler Abt. 1906

Agnes (Bow) McKay Bowler December 1907

Jean Bowler Abt. 1908

Eric MacKay Bowler Abt. 1910

Isabella MacKay Bowler 13th September 1914

Mary (May) Wilson Bowler 13th September 1916

Alice Bowler Abt. 1920






Jonathan McKell Bowler and his wife Jean MacKay Finlayson born 1882



















This family group photograph was taken about 1949 and shows from L to R back:-

Malcolm Bowler, Agnes Bowler (ms Renton), John Bowler,  Jean Binnie Bowler (ms Rae), Eric Bowler.

Seated middle L to R

Isabella Bowler, Jonathan Bowler, Agnes (Bow) Bowler

The four children at the front are Eric's they are Norma, Raymond. John, and Dorothy.

Jonathan and family in India about 1911