John of Orton 1592
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John Dumbreck was born 1592. The following is listed National Archives of Scotland.

Baird Historical Manuscripts & Letters 
Records listed in the National Archives of Scotland and Aberdeen University.

REF MS 2499/18 27 July 1618 
Instrument of sasine taken by James Leslie, N.P., clerk from Moray, on sasine being granted to John Gordon, younger of Craig, acting on behalf of Anne Gordon, daughter of John Gordon, elder of Craig, future wife of Robert Stewart of Newtoun, on production of life rent charter ?of casualties and precept of sasine (naming John Dunbreck of Ortane as bailie for granting of sasine), consequent upon contract of marriage, granted by Robert Stewart of Newton, respecting that part of his lands called Little Newton presently occupied by David Taylor, and that part called ? Ballamellony presently occupied by Patrick Baird, ? 2 Oxgang of Newton, etc. occupied by John Roy, and the lands of Knockane, etc. in the lordship of Balveny in the sheriffdom of Banff, to the said Anne Gordon; signed at Darnavay on 25 July 1618 by Robert Stewart of Newton, before Walter Stewart of Innerquhat, James Oustian [? = Austen], ? writer, and James Coban, with John Stewart of Kilmonhame [? or Kinmachlony - see 19], curator, consenting; written by Master Robert Bisset, writer. Witnesses to Instrument of Sasine: Walter ? Moriesoune, servant of said John Dunbreck, Patrick Baird in Ballamellony, Lauchlane Lesley in Milltoun of --- , and John Mylne, servant of said John Gordon, younger of Craig.

On parchment. In Latin