James L. 1872
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James Law Dumbreck was born on the 6th January 1872, Hutchesontown, Lanark Glasgow, married Margaret McLeod on the 7th November 1897 at Carlton, Glasgow. They had 7 children.


1) John Stewart Dumbreck, born 29th December 1897, married Annie Grace McAllister - see page for    

2) Donald Dumbreck
, born 5th November 1899, married Agnes Hatterick Kilkerr - see page for details.

3) Giles Law Dumbreck, born 8th February 1902, married James Tonner. Giles died 23rd May 1980. They had 
    3 children James Dumbreck Tonner b. 1921, John Tonner dob unknown and William Tonner dob unknown.

4) Mary McNeil Dumbreck, born 1904, married James Thomson. Mary died 23rd October 1982, at the        
    Southern General Hospital, Glasgow. They had one son, James Thomson, dob unknown.
5) James Law Dumbreck, born 1905, died 1906.

6) William Francis Maxwell Dumbreck
, born 10th January 1908, married Edith Clark on the 24th March 
    1939, they had one daughter. William died 3 January 1975 at Glasgow Royal Infirmary - see page for 

7) James McLay Dumbreck, born 1911, married Jessie Gillespie Cook McLauchlan in 1937 - no further info