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Wilson Black McKell
was born about 1839 in New Kilpatrick, Lanark.

He married Isabella Forgie in 1863 at North Broomage, Larbert.
Isabella was born in Larbert Stirling, about 1841.

In 1881 the family are shown living at George Street in Falkirk,
Scotland and Wilson was a joiner by trade.

They had 3 children (one adopted):-

John Grieve Miller McKell born 1866
Isabella (wee Bella) McKell born 7th March 1880
Wilson McKell born 22nd July 1882 - no further details

About 1884 the family emigrated to South Australia.



John McKell
was born John Grieve Miller
on 12th March 1866 in Stirling, Scotland
to James Miller and Jane Grieve,
and was adopted by Wilson and Isabella McKell.

In 1881 John was a "pattern makers' apprentice"
and was living with his adopted parents in Falkirk.

In 1889, John married Sarah Amelia Forgie,
the eldest daughter of John and Sarah Forgie
of Northcroft Cottage,
Borne End, Wooburn, Buckingham, England. 

They raised five children:- 

  Wilson Black McKell born 5th January 1891
John Alexandra McKell born 17th December 1892
William Thomas McKell - 11th December 1894
George Forgie McKell - 25th April 1904
Isobel McKell - likely after 1906

John McKell c.1920


The photos show the McKell Factory at Port Adelaide
Australia and was taken about 1920.
The family business continued until 1990 and the original
factory building has been retained in
a heritage area showing its original signage, however it is now
a private dwelling house.

The McKell Factory as it is today (2002)

John McKell with his wife and 3 sons
Wilson, John and William c.1900


John McKell 4th from the left

Isabella (wee Bella) McKell

born 7th March 1880, wee Bella died at the age of 6 of convulsions
in Glanville and was buried at Cheltenham Cemetery in Adelaide,
South Australia (see photo)

Wilson Black McKell
born 1891 joined the family business about 1921, having first
worked as an accountant at a large mine at Broken Hill,
New South Wales.

In 1914 Wilson married Alice Edith Ellis at Rosefield Church, Fullarton, South Australia and had a son and daughter.

Donald Ellis McKell born 18th September 1915
Gweneth Edith McKell born 6th October 1917

This family and descendants are still represented in South Australia.
E-mail available, contact webmaster for details.