John 1903
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John Dumbreck was born 3rd June 1903 and married Martha Lamont on the 22nd April 1931 at Lady Glenmorley's Parish Church St Giles Edinburgh. They had 12 children:-

John Dumbreck born 4th August 1931 and died 22nd August 2003 at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Alexander McIntosh Dumbreck born 1932 died 17th April 1935 aged 2.

Georgina Eadie Lamont Dumbreck born 1934 married Francis McLeod, no further details.

Alexander McIntosh Dumbreck born 27th August 1935 - no further details.

Colin Lamont Dumbreck born 1937 married Elsie McKenzie McKay or Liddle, and died 15th July 1986 - no further details.

Robert Dumbreck born 1938 married Isobel Shepphard - no further details.

Rosina McVicar Dumbreck born 1940 - no further details.

Mary Mitchell Dumbreck born 1941 - no further details.

Florence Walker Dumbreck born 1942 - no further details.

Marlene Dumbreck born 1943 - no further details.

Ian McVicar Dumbreck born 1946 married Margaret Cairns.

Francis McLeod Dumbreck born 4 July 1954 - no further details.

Ian Dumbreck and Margaret have 2 sons, Ian McVicar Hunter Dumbreck born 8th August 1967 and Kenneth Cairns Dumbreck born 17th March 1969. No further details are available at present.