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Kathleen Guest

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Kathleen (Kathy) Guest was born 24th June 1957.
She married Andrew Richard King on the 14th December 1980.

 Andrew was born 4th April 1954.

They have three children:-

Laura Suzanne King born 7th October 1983
    Stuart Charles Andrew King born 8th October 1986 Jason Michael Richard King born 8th October 1986

Kathy and Andrew met in 1977 while both working at Barclays International Bank.
Andrew worked in Belize until 1978 when he was transferred to Curacao. In 1980 when they married Kathy joined Andrew in Curacao.  They returned to
England in 1982.

In 1983 Laura was born.  In 1985 we were transferred to New York, USA for a one year project. We returned to England 1986 where we have remained.

Twin boys born 1986.
Andrew is still with Barclays Bank.  Kathy remains at home to care for the family.