Andrew G. 1891
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Andrew Garnet Dumbreck was born 18th September 1891 in Stirling and he married Mary Scott Ormiston about 1910.  Andrew and Mary had 5 children:-

James Ormiston Dumbreck born 9th February 1917 married Jessie McDonald had one daughter June Dumbreck born 12th March 1951.

Garnet James Ormiston Dumbreck born 7th January 1911 married Margaret Mulholland in Edinburgh on the 24th September 1932. Garnet died 25th January 1994 at the age of 83.

Peter Dumbreck born Aft. 1917.  Peter was killed at Uddingston at the pit wheel.

Nan (Marion) Dumbreck born Aft. 1916 married Steve Glass - no further details.

May Dumbreck born Aft. 1916 - no further details.

Garnet and Margaret had four daughters and one son.

    1. Jane Mulholland Dumbreck born 21st Jan 1934
married James Gerard McKenna in 1955. James died and Jane remarried to Brian Williams and live in Canada.

    2. Mary Dumbreck born 5th August 1939
married Philip McCabe in 1960 and now live in Canada and have 3 children..

    3. Margaret Dumbreck born 1941 - died in infancy.

    4. Ann Dumbreck born 1943
married James Anderson Cunningham and have 3 children.

    5. John Dumbreck born 11th September 1944
married Ellen Fallon Forrester and have 2 children.