Alexander 1768

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Our thanks to Roland Dunbrack for the following info:-

Alexander Dunbrack, the first son of John and Catherine MacDougall Dunbrack was born September 1, 1786 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He married Isabella "Belle" Cruickshank on August 6, 1824. "Belle" was born August 18, 1788 in Gaich, Cromdale, Speyside, Morayshire, in the Highlands of Scotland. Alexander and Belle moved with most of their family to Minnesota with the Dickeys, Creelmans, Lydiards, Logans, to name a few. Upon the death of Alexander's only son without issue, two older sons had died unmarried, the Dunbrack name died out there. Alexander's three younger brothers remained on the "Grant", leaving many descendants. Alexander died in Medina, Minnesota on January 12, 1887, age 99 and Isabell Cruickshank Dunbrack died in Wayzata, Minn. November 10, 1889, age 101.