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Adam Dumbreck a Mercantile clerk, was born 1849 in Lanark and married Mary Ancrum on the 27th February 1874. Mary gave birth to Mary Henrietta Ancrum Dumbreck (see photo) on the 30th November 1874 and died shortly after child birth (died 26th December 1874).

On the death certificate it states that she died of rheumatic fever.  That often damaged the heart valves causing the heart to be severely weakened and so childbirth would have been a dangerous time for her and no doubt it was a contributing factor.

Our thanks to Scott Emmans in Maine, USA for contributing the sepia photographs on this page.

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Mary Henrietta Dumbreck emigrated to Dover, New Jersey, USA around 1906. She never married, and is buried in Morristown, New Jersey.

Adam then married Jane Morton Mackie on the 29th June 1877 in Glasgow.

They had four children:-
William born 10th September 1878 - died 1895,  no further details.
Marion Walker Dumbreck born 30th April 1881 (see photos)  - married Alfred Cross on the 12th December 1902, and about 1905, emigrated to Dover, New Jersey, USA..
Jean Mackie Dumbreck born 15th July 1887 died 26th March 1890, Glasgow.
Marion Walker Dumbreck Cross
and Alfred Cross had 8 children:-
Marion Maxwell Cross born 14th January 1903 Glasgow. died 13th January 1907 Newark, NJ.
Victoria Cross born 17th January 1906 Newark, NJ - married however no further details
Alexander Cross born 20th February 1907 died 21st February 1907 Glasgow.
Alfred Cross born 27th November 1908 Newark, NJ.
Maxwell Cross born 19th February 1911 Newark, NJ., died 19th July 1988.
Charlotte Grace Cross born 20th July 1918 Dover NJ, - married however no further details.
Mary Ancrum Cross born 28th March 1923 Dover NJ married Harry Burton Emmans, they have two sons:-
                    Harry Burton Emmans Jnr.,  born 6th December 1941
                    Jay Scott Emmans born 27th March 1949

Adam born 1882 continues the Dumbreck family name.

Adam Dumbreck senior died in 1927 at Govan, Glasgow aged 78, cause of death - Hypostatic congestion and bronchopneumonia. Registered by daughter in law Rose Dumbreck of 104 McLennan Street Govan, Glasgow.

Adam Dumbreck 1919
At present we are unsure that the photo on the left is that of Adam (as at March 2002)
Adam Dumbreck (photo on right taken 1919)

  Jeanie Morton Mackie

Jeanie Morton Mackie 1919
Left :- Jeanie Morton Mackie ; right Marion Walker (Dumbreck) Cross
both taken 1919

Mary Henrietta Dumbreck

Mary Henrietta Dumbreck
Pictures: (left) taken about 1898 in Glasgow, (right) taken about 1910 in Morristown, New Jersey


Marion (Minnie) Walker Dumbreck
Picture on left taken about 1898 in Glasgow